Birth of the Arsenal

The name and the history of the Team are closely linked with the history of the Arsenal Factory.

The Factory was established in 1764 in Kiev as Ammunition Studios where different repairs were carried out and various types of weapons, including artillery, were made. In a few centuries, the Arsenal Factory would establish a sports club, which has largely contributed to the development of the Ukrainian football and hockey.

At the Factory great attention was paid to physical education and sports. In 1935 at the Arsenal production facilities many physical training sites with the necessary sports equipment were opened. In winter of 1934-1935 the Factory organized a ski base, which consisted of 300 pairs of skis, as well as a facility with an electrified ice-rink.

During the postwar years and after the restoration of the sports infrastructure by the Factory workers an interest in sports, and hockey in particular has resumed. In 1948, a sports club Arsenal Kiev numbers about 400 active members, and by 1950 it is comprised of various football, volleyball, skating, hockey and many other clubs.

The Factory continues to support hockey team athletes; their professionalism is growing and allows HC Arsenal win the 1954 Country Championship. The team was awarded a challenge prize of the Main Department for Physical Culture and Sports of USSR, and the team members were awarded diplomas and gifts. In 1958, HC Arsenal wins the City Championship.

Club Arsenal also took part in the 15th National Championship, held during November 1, 1960 - March 30, 1961 period. Together with the Arsenal team of Estonia, "Red Flag" Minsk, "Inkaras" Kaunas, Dynamo Tbilisi (Zone of Union Republics) took part in the Championship. As is known, the Fifteenth USSR championship was the first ever-recorded tournament in history that had no Moscow team among winners.

In the 1970s SC Arsenal was hugely successful. During that period Hockey club of the Arsenal Factory admitted not only officers and employees of the factory, but also students of various professional hockey clubs such as Dynamo Kiev, Spartak Kiev.

Later the Club admits children from children's and youth sport schools, such as hockey club “Sokol”, junior sports School of the Olympic Reserve "Icicle", sports club "Red Excavator, as well as the sports club "ATEK".

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