27 MAR 2021


3HC Kyiv

20 MAR 2021


2HC Kyiv

22.03.2021 Happy Birthday to Roman Bolshakov and Igor Varyanko! We wish the birthday people good health, good luck and success in everything, sports longevity, all the best!
04.03.2021 Happy Birthday to Team Leader Volodya Tkachenko! We wish the birthday man all the best, good luck in all endeavors, positive, sports longevity!
10.02.2021 Congratulations on the 60th birthday of the director of the AHL, coach and player of Arsenal, Sergei Borisovich Nuzhin! We wish the hero of the day good health, sports longevity, good luck and success in all endeavors in life and on ice!
13.01.2021 Happy Birthday to Sergei Golovko! We wish you strong health, patience and inspiration, good luck and success in life in everything!
29.12.2020 Congratulations to the founder of the "Arsenal" team Evgeny Zimin! We wish the hero of the day good health, good luck, all the best, sports longevity!

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ARSENAL's History

The name and the history of the Team are closely linked with the history of the Arsenal Factory.
The Factory was established in 1764 in Kiev as Amminition Studios where different repairs were carried out and various types of weapons, including artillery, were made. In a few centuries, the Arsenal Factory would establish a sports club, which has largely contributed to the development of the Ukrainian football and hockey

At the Factory great attention was paid to physical education and sports. In 1935 at the Arsenal production facilities many physical trining sites with the necessary sports equipment were opened. In winter of 1935-1935 the Factory organied a ski base, which consisted of 300 pairs of skis, as well as facility with an electrified ice-rink.